Wallpaper #403 Happy 2013!

Happy 2013

I’m still in England (I’m posting this a day before I leave, 22nd of December, and saying “I’m still in England” when I know full well I’m not yet is one of those statements that is bound to doom my plane to go down over Siberia) and this is the second of the two wallpapers I managed to knock out before I left.

I hope you have a great new year and that 2013 brings you everything you want, or deserve…

Widescreen 2560×1600 (16:10)
Fullscreen 1600×1200 (4:3)
iPad 1200×1600 (3:4)
iPhone 640×960 (3:4)

2 thoughts on “Wallpaper #403 Happy 2013!

  1. Just wandering if this is a wallpaper to put on a wall we have a photo wall to set up for our daughters graduation. If so can it be bought?

  2. Hi. Thanks for contacting me. I sent you an email but I’ll repeat the same information here in case you don’t get it.
    These are all designed as computer desktop wallpapers and I don’t have the capability to print them out. However, if you let me know the size of the image you need I may be able to send you a large, high definition copy that you could take to a local photo shop and have printed.

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